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Extra Help Needed

Does your child need extra help?

Many children need extra help. In fact, many adults are successful today because they received extra help when they were in school. So you should not be upset if your child needs extra help right now.

As a parent, it is important to recognize your child's challenges and work together with the teacher to make sure the necessary help is received.

Recognizing that your child needs extra help is not always easy. Here are some common signs to watch out for.

Your children may need extra help when:

1. Marks are below average

2. A teacher talks to you directly on the issue

3. There seems to be too much homework

4. Homework seems consistently too difficult

5. Talking about school or a certain subject puts a child in a bad mood

6. They avoid talking to you about the topic

7. They find excuses such as illness to avoid school

8. They are easily and happily distracted from homework

If you see any of these signs, you should contact the teacher and discuss your child's challenges. Work with the teacher to create a plan of action and agree on how it will be carried out and measured.

Tips to helping your child succeed with extra help:

1. Get them involved in the plan. Give your child the chance to have some say in when the work will be done, how much time is given for each task, and what the goals are.

2. Making the grade is not all about marks. Help improve your child's self-confidence by letting him or her know that marks are only one way of evaluating performance and ability. Marks alone can't measure your children as individuals.

3. Finish what they start. Help children understand it is important to stick with an assignment until it is completed. Make sure your children know you are proud of them when they master something.

4. Be positive and give praise. Be sure to congratulate your child with each success and milestone reached.

5. Talk to the teacher. Keep in touch with the teacher to learn about your child's progress. Work together if a new action plan is required.

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